Tuesday, 16 February 2010

This my excavation.

I forgot the page I was on and now all the lines blur into one.
Forgive me. Please.
I'm a thought in a sea of lives and lovers.
While kisses bring me back to life, you send me under the waves.

Monday, 8 February 2010

If I only could, be running up that hill.

I am the future, I am the biting cold, I am the way you curl under your covers, I am your fear of the dark, I fight off your demons, I kiss your shoulder, I am the trees and the forest, I am the water and the river, I am the flood and the fever, I bite I touch I warn I flee, I call you names, I the king and then the soldiers, the spears and the guns and the shields and the cups of wine, gloves of steel, pockets of gold, the blades on the skates, the wind in the sails, the loss and the gain, the break in the sentence, the calm in the storm, I am scaling your trees, your walls, the factory works on, the heater gets hotter, the fire is out, and the cats are screaming, you are walking up my drive...